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Meet the Get Blitzed Team!

Get Blitzed is more than just an order taking store. We create and carry products that range from CBD and D8 strains, to Glass, Grinders, Rolling Trays, and Ash Trays. Now you may ask "Isn't that what a headshop normally carries?". Well, we are more than just a "headshop". With a full line up of Vapes, Papers, Wraps and lighters, we also carry Mushroom Teas, and Cigars. All within a comfortable clean and professional environment. We are known to host events such as: musical acts, table top rig, acoustic sets, freestyling battles, wrestling events, movie, and anime marathons. We love our customer base and take pride in breaking the disgusting stereotypes, and show what our community is all about! 


We treat every customer like family. Now, many companies claim this, but if you ask any of our fans or customers. They will all tell you our customer service is TOP NOTCH!

Mickey Ray Sinatra. Owner of Get Blitzed

Meet the Get Blitzed Team!
THC Distillate Used For Lit-Aid Syrups

Get Blitzed is the newest business adventure of Mickey Ray Sinatra. Mickey, a retired musician, who has embraced the love of the 420 community, decided to take his worldwide smoking and vaping experience that was gained while on tour in different cities, states and countries, use that influence and add a little flavor to the Get Blitzed shop. Mickey first stepped out of the music world in 2011 and created his brand Infamous Vapor and sub brands, Eternal E-juice and Vapes. This was during the outlaw days of e-juice and mod creations. Having made special mods and e-juice for music acts, such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Insane Clown Posse and Tech N9ne, Mickey took this experience and co-opened a store in Gaithersburg, Maryland, The Vape Spot.

While carrying a wide selection of Vaping Products, he noticed a need for CBD and Delta 8 THC amongst his customers. He reached out to his contacts in the music industry and located the best labs and farms to obtain materials from, and began the branding of Infamous CBD. After the tremendous outpour of support for these new products and lab tests in hand, he along with Courtney, his new partner, realized that there needed to be a bigger spot dedicated to the the products they were creating, as such Get Blitzed was born.

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